Karmabot Explained

Outsource your people culture to the smart chat bot.
Meet Thom and Vanessa
Together, they lead the way for the team of 10 skilled professionals.
As it happens, at some point The Studio abandoned emails and switched to using chats.
Quite naturally, Slack was the platform of choice.
The Studio owners genuinely wish their business to grow.
They’ve set expectations for milestones delivered in a quarter.
To achieve that, Vanessa and Thom decided to stimulate the team and keep up the good spirits.
At the same time, they wanted the system to be comprehensive, fair and transparent.
Karmabot was the first
on the list of in-chat tools
Simple and yet very powerful solution.
It allows business owners to track performance, reward excellence and plan for the future.
To begin with, Thom and Vanessa
set milestones in Karmabot admin panel
The Studio is an architect firm; their ‘milestones’ are the projects delivered, signed off and paid for by the clients.
The bigger the bill, the better team’s bonus.
After the milestones definition, Thom creates a new channel and invites @karmabot there. It will become the project’s channel.
  • Projects
    The primary communication channel for a particular project. It helps to track the overall workload.
    /karma set project
  • Clients
    Some channels are explicitly created for communications with the client.
    /karma set client
  • Chats
    And there are chats, channels used for the everyday wittiness and sarcastic remarks.
    /karma set chat
Thom and Vanessa assign Karma points to stimulate team members.
They get more projects done. They ship faster.
Karma can be given in small and big quantities for everday awesomeness and notable achievements.
More karma for more important things, less karma for as a ‘pat on the shoulder’ kind of gesture.
Let’s take one of the freshly created channels that Thom has set up
and see how Karmabot works for the crowd.
Karmabot tracks channel requests
and counts them as delivered milestones
More milestones delivered, more bonuses unlocked. The business owners at the beginning of each quarter.
total quarterly bonus
  • 5+1000
  • 10+1500
  • 15+2000
  • 20+2500
  • 25+3500
  • 30+4500
No milestones delivered
Karmabot divides total bonus amount earned between
The Studio teammates at the end of the quarter
The quarterly bonus amount is proportional to the karma earned by
a particular team member in comparison to the total team karma gains.
  • Personal karma: 243
  • Team karma: 1350
  • Karma shares: 18%

Sam’s got 18% of team’s karma earned over the quarter.

At the end of the quarter, he gets 306, 18% of the total bonus of 1700.

  • Sam’s share of the bonus
  • Team’s bonus
Use /karma top and /karma me to see the stats
In addition to the quarterly bonuses, Karmabot calculates monthly karma,
which Thom and Vanessa use for monetary rewards
Quarters seem too long. The Studio business owners give a little something on top of the agreed salary rates to each team member:
monthly bonuses are essentially the monthly karma.
The bigger picture: yearly progress
At the end of each year, Thom and Vanessa can see and evaluate excellence among the workers.
Karmabot has all info on people’s performance. As it happens, the best get promotions and other kudos.
Karmabot helps to put more meat onto the bones during
annual performance reviews: each team member gets her profile built
Using reasons provided with each karma request Karambot makes comprehensive and sophisticated profiles.
The machine is actually reading the text utilising Google Machine Learning API and some tricky math.
  • Teamwork
  • Above & Beyond
  • Goals
  • Reliability
  • Communications
Karma can be converted into palpable real-life rewards
The team gets a predefined amount of karma for each goal completion.
The rewards accumulate and form a quarterly team bonus.
Karma could be anything: bottles of beer, slices of pizza, coupons for a game of laser tag, cups of coffee or just some extra cash to cheer the team up.
In addition to the rewards and performance tracking
Karmabot is a business analytics tool
More milestones delivered, more active projects in Karmabot dashboards, more karma distributed, more goals achieved.
Time-tracking like never before
with Karmabot status
Karmabot Status provides an overview of everyone’s activity. Each task is recorded and reflected on the status screen.
Dashboard karmabot.chat/admin/status/dashboard
Every team is unique, fine-tuning is essential
Please feel free to reach out and request more features or custom builds.
Karmabot dev team would be happy to help you out with that.
Karmabot helps digital businesses grow and flourish
If you believe, your business is similar to what the guys in The Studio have in place, perhaps, Karmabot people culture solution is for you.
1 – 9 users
10 – 19 users
20 – 99 users
100 – 199 users

1 installation per workspace

30-day trial period

No credit card required

100% free for small teams (10 users or less)
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Data privacy and security

Your data privacy matters. Karmabot complies with the strict Slack privacy requirements.

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