Build stronger, happier teams on Slack
Set goals, track performance and reward excellence

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Karma given so far


@john ++ for being super-responsive

Set monthly salary bonuses based on Karma points.


@sarah 3++ for helping in fixing a tricky bug

Inspire team members to share some Karma between each other.


#new-app 20++ Milestone delivered early

Give extra points to the teams for shipping the product faster.


@li has 49 karma in Jul, Q3 12% karma shares.

Set quarterly goals and let people see their performance comparing to their colleagues.

/karma help

@username ++ For being cool and all — +1 karma.
@username -- I'm having a bad day — -1 karma.
@username N++ For bringing the ham — +N karma.
@username N— For loosing it. — -N karma.
/karma me — see your current karma state.
/karma leaderboard — see how the team is tracking.
/karma mantra — current recommendations on karma giveaways and deductions.
/karma help — you guess.
#channel N++ Project completed in time! — Creates requests for N karma for all channel members. (Available to moderators only).

/karma mantra

You decide what's good for your team.


  • +30 Project completed early
  • +20 Project completed
  • +10 Milestone delivered early
  • +5 Milestone delivered in time
  • +3 Code review and quote assistance
  • +1 Team spirit
  • +1 Superfast communications & being awesome

  • –1 Not cool at all
  • –1 No #status report
  • –1 Not responsive
  • –5 Not delivered as promised -5
  • –10 Broken production during client review
  • –20 No show

Set long-term goals, track performance and reward excellence.

David Kravitz
David Kravitz

Managing Director at Electrolease

"We have been using Karmabot for more than a year now internally. My favourite feature is Karma Shares that gives the team a long-term perspective ."

Stas Kulesh
Stas Kulesh

Creative Director at Sliday

"Karmabot is a splendid tool that keeps the team motivated by bringing the tint of friendly competitivness."

Roman Korchagin
Roman Korchagin

Team Lead at Aspose

"Karmabot is a great tool that keeps the team focused and motivated. Karma points concept is an integral part of the development process now. @karmabot ++ for addictiveness."

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$6 / Month

$6 billed monthly



$4 / Month

$48 billed yearly



$99 / Forever

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All plans include:

  • Single Slack team is supported
  • Leaderboards
  • Quaterly goals
  • Each member karma history
  • Dashboard
  • Completed projects tracking and history
  • Active projects counter
  • Performance score
  • Free extra modules

More to come...


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